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It’s important to think of the Official Crystal Dangerfield ROTY T-Shirt also I will do this totality of senses: the sights, the smells, and the sounds. But it’s equally important to think about the thoughts and feelings, or memories and associations the space elicits, and the activities that facilitates. The first step is to clean house. Open up all the windows and doors, and rid your home of things you don’t use or love. Next, think about flow. Remove obstacles (like a coffee table that you always bang into, or a chair that only ends up collecting dirty clothes) and arrange your spaces in a way that facilitates your daily routines. Next, tap into the sights, smells, sounds, textures, and tastes that feed your spirit. When you think about your favorite destination, what colors do you see? Is it beachy? Mountainous? Desert-vibes? Tune into those colors, patterns, sounds, scents, and textures and bring those elements into your decor. Lastly, add plants. Lots and lots of plants. My carry-on is a 14-inch braising pan. Holiday rentals are rarely equipped with heavy-bottomed cookware, and this wide and low-sided pan is versatile enough to toss pasta for a group, roast vegetables and birds, as well as braise. I’m also enamored by my giant wooden salad bowl that sits on a tripod—finally, a vessel that gives a leafy salad the prominence it deserves!

Official Crystal Dangerfield ROTY T-Shirt

Thank god I love cooking. Meals have kept time, and we’re still not bored of roast chicken. Clean the Official Crystal Dangerfield ROTY T-Shirt also I will do this kitchen, have a drink, and put music on before you start cooking. Get anything that requires focus or adjusting done before you’re buzzed. Light unscented candles. Don’t dress the salad until someone asks you to pass the bowl. Herbal tea and chocolate to finish. I studied Health Promotions and Science for four years at Saint Francis College, and afterward, I went on to obtain my license at the Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics. In 2017, I launched Dermasaa: a wellness service designed to provide customized holistic and advanced treatments to improve the skin’s health. I have a background in consulting for digital skincare platforms as a skin advisor and customizing recommendations for machine-trained tech brands. Currently, I work closely with Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton and her skincare line, Epi.logic. Out of the office, I enjoy trying other brands and techniques to add to my personal regimen. I have a strong love for and commitment to making people look and feel their greatest.

Official Crystal Dangerfield ROTY T-Shirt Hoodie

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