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There’s been a lot of playing with my dog and reading all the Dallas Cowboys Rugby shirt But I will love this books and watching all the movies, because that’s the other thing—that’s one other bit of advice that I give to anyone starting out in the industry. You want to be in film and TV? Watch everything—the good, the bad, and the ugly. See it all because the only way that you can describe work is by referencing other work, really. When you’re in the room with people and they’re telling you about this idea that they’ve got, you have to start referencing things—directors and writers and actors and movies and scenes and all of these things. If you don’t have that language, if you don’t have that dictionary at your fingertips, I think it can become quite frustrating. But more than that, you get to know what you like if you have a full arsenal of your craft at your fingertips. And so, every year, I watch a hundred new movies. I’m making my way through my list now.

Dallas Cowboys Rugby shirt

Can you share some of your 100 films?

Dallas Cowboys Rugby s Hoodie


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