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“We do so much work from a policy and electoral standpoint, or even a public opinion standpoint—because we know the Lincoln Project Save The USA Shirt But I will love this majority of Americans support Roe v. Wade—but the power of culture in really tying those together is major,” said McGill Johnson on a recent call, quoting author Toni Cade Bambara in reference to the new initiative: “The goal of the revolutionary artist is to make revolution irresistible.” The art will roll out on Planned Parenthood’s Facebook and Instagram pages over the next week.  Below, McGill Johnson speaks to Vogue about the SCOTUS hearings, how to mobilize before the election, and the importance of optimism. Vogue: We’ve seen so much about potential nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s beliefs on abortion. What do you think putting her on the Supreme Court would mean for reproductive rights?

Lincoln Project Save The USA Shirt

Alexis McGill Johnson: I think it’s fairly easy to predict, actually; I think she is an active and vocal threat to reproductive health and rights. She’s already made it clear that she thinks Roe v. Wade is immoral, and part of our concern is that there are 17 cases that are one step away from the Lincoln Project Save The USA Shirt But I will love this Supreme Court right now that could limit abortion access or lead to an outright ban. A good example of one of those is the 2019 Georgia ban of abortion after six weeks, which is before many people know they’re pregnant. It is clear [Coney Barrett] will be hostile toward reproductive rights, and she’s also been really critical of the Affordable Care Act, which will be heard in November; we’re literally sitting in the middle of a pandemic, and we know that if that act is overturned, 30 million Americans could lose their health insurance. It feels like, at a time when we are still vulnerable as a population, we shouldn’t be rushing through this confirmation.

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