Mama Needs Her Jingle Juice Shirt

 Mama Needs Her Jingle Juice Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The mama needs her jingle juice shirt! It’s hard to admit, such as telling someone you don’t like Betty White and equally shocking to tell third graders that Santa is really a dad. The truth hurts, and so is holding a hot, heavy pan and mama needs her jingle juice shirt!

I don’t cook for many reasons and can blame the small kitchen that doesn’t have an oven in my studio or the mini fridge just enough room for musty food, but my anorexia started long ago and mama needs her jingle juice shirt! When I lack kitchen space. I believe my fear of cooking stems from both, my innate hatred for clutter that keeps me from taking my eyes off things like the shelves of spices and food in the pantry, and the entire German bloodline is inherently very frugal.

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