Mama Needs Her Jingle Juice Shirt

 Mama Needs Her Jingle Juice Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

Mama Needs Her Jingle Juice Shirt Oh, that wasnt even the worst of it. She liked experimenting with different punishments. One that i remember the most was we had to kneel down on grains of uncooked rice while holding a dictionary out in front of us. If your arms lowered because they were aching or you shifted because the grains were hurting your knees, it added more time to your punishment.

Eventually they just moved on to making us put our hands on the dresser while they beat us with wooden paddles. Mama Needs Her Jingle Juice Shirt Didn’t help through the years of bully issues, kinda created a zero safe refuge kinda environment. Especially when my grades dipped for years because of it, and had no way to articulate my situation as I didn’t understand it either. Thought that shit was normal school life.

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