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Explained Douglas: “It’s not hard to imagine how this could play out: Trump could enjoy a slim lead in the LA Lakers 2020 Champions Shirt in contrast I will get this key swing states on November 3—a lead that vanishes once the mail-ins start getting counted in the days following November 3. And yet all the while Trump is pushing his insistence that only election-day results should count; indeed, he brazenly declares that his disappearing lead simply proves his claim of mail-in fraud. Delays in the counting of these ballots increase the possibility that our key swing states—all controlled by Republican state legislatures—certify Trump as having won. And so, like in 1876 [ the disputed election between the popular-vote winner, Samuel Tilden, and the eventual victor, Rutherford B. Hayes], we can imagine Congress finding itself confronted with competing electoral certificates at its joint session on January 6, 2021.”

LA Lakers 2020 Champions Shirt

But, Geltzer said the LA Lakers 2020 Champions Shirt in contrast I will get this country should be protected by the rule of law. “The Constitution is clear that on January 20, the term of a current president ends,” Geltzer said. “And it’s also clear that if there isn’t someone whose votes have been certified by Congress as the new president, then the line of succession kicks in.” And what do we do if Trump won’t leave? Constitutional scholar Joshua Geltzer recently told Mehdi Hasan on his show Deconstructed, “There is no reason to believe Trump will go quietly if he is defeated. There is every reason, however, to believe he and his allies will incite hysteria and even violence. Those who assume otherwise haven’t been paying attention.” And if Trump’s term legally comes to an end without a certified result and Pence’s along with it, then who would be next in that line of succession? Well, folks, it would be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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