Finland Is My Second Favorite F-Word Shirt

 Finland Is My Second Favorite F-Word Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

Finland Is My Second Favorite F-Word Shirt YES! I wish this was stated more clearly in posts like this. Heck last winter was kinda like “What winter?” but even outside of weird years in southern finland get down to like -20°c or -25°c for at max like a week and then hover at like -10°c to like -15°c for a while.

Don’t know about how big the effect is on Finland, but for neighbour Norway the counter-intuitive scenario for global warming is that it will likely get even colder, at least for quite some time. Finland Is My Second Favorite F-Word Shirt  Reason is that the Gulf Stream/North Atlantic Current currently is warming up the climate there above what it would be without this influence, and it is predicted that global warming can shut this down.

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