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 Find Your Strong Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

Find Your Strong Shirt See the company i don’t mind, we’ve used them before (my family seems to literally be cursed- i always go back and be like “the last 5 years… oh wait the last 7 years… well the last 10 years… have been rough”. But the issue was them charging my dad so much bloody money for doing what must have been the bare minimum. It made me angry. As if things didnt suck enough. I’ve tried to take a step back from it because i might just be projecting my anger about the rest of what happened on someone- but i still dont think it’s right they charged my dad so much money.

Anyways, he passes, we get down there to this infamous KY land he has. He writes down these coordinates, we have to pay for an extractor to help us dig a hole; 19 acres or something, more than what I’m used to as a guy from the city. There were like 20 or so graves made out of just rocks and sticks. They were passed these trees in a field that hadn’t been cut in years. So wild. Find Your Strong Shirt Wasn’t like an actual cemetery, it was like him and his family decided to bury these people we never knew existed in his backyard. Found out later on they were kids and relatives from another lady he had an affair with that even my grandma never knew about.

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