Beauty Takes Time Shirt

 Beauty Takes Time Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

Beauty Takes Time Shirt I dont, some people paid for OF capes, making them suddenly disappear is not a thing I’d agree with if I was in the OF position either. Mojang could easily integrate those capes into the game in respect of the people who made OF possible and, indirectly, improved the game, doing something that Mojang should have done themselves.

That’s the official story, but I’m pretty sure it’s because optifine makes this dude so much money in ad revenue, and at the time Mojang weren’t offering fulltime positions, and the dude didn’t want to lose the stream of ad revenue. Beauty Takes Time Shirt After learning about Sodium, I’m actually really hoping the dev for that can work with Mojang to bring changes to Minecraft. It provides far better optimisation to the game than optifine anyway.

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