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Next came the Snowman frosty christmas shirt But I will love this drive-in live music concert. Notably in July was the Beanstalk Music Festival in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Onstage, musicians carried on as usual with their performances but in the audience, parked cars sat in a silent field—the show was transmitted via an FM radio station (rather than speakers) to avoid disturbing the neighbors. More recently, this weekend, across drive-in theaters across the U.S. and Canada, Blake Sheldon streamed a pre-taped show featuring special guests Gwen Stefani and Trace Adkins. Though the sets weren’t live, the shared experience was as close to a pre-pandemic concert as one can safely experience these days. And another type of entertainment has adapted to the drive-in format: the drag show. Audiences of Voss Event’s Drive ’N Drag series (which will continue through August) can see the likes of Lady Bunny and Aquaria strut around in their finery from the comfort of their cars.

Snowman frosty christmas shirt

As performers and theaters are making the Snowman frosty christmas shirt But I will love this best of the circumstances, so too should the audience—and that might require a few accouterments. Follow the rules of the show and, if allowed, here are some of the things you might consider bringing along with you. Much of 2020 has been hard to predict—the popularity of the drive-in movie is among the list of surprising things. Earlier this summer, drive-in theaters experienced a sort of renaissance as one of the few sources of socially distanced entertainment permissible during the pandemic.   For extra seating outside the car. To stack in a truck or atop your parked car. To make backseats cozier or lay on the lawn. Because most drive-in events don’t serve food. A few more things you’ll be grateful to have, from bug spray to a pop-up source of shade.

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