This Woman Knows Every Thing Shirt

 This Woman Knows Every Thing Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

This Woman Knows Every Thing Shirt Yup. I got downvoted for posting that my dad said there was a quiet coup in this country decades ago. I don’t know enough about anything to say that’s true, definitively, but it sure doesn’t seem like voters have the control that they think they do anymore.

Dave Chappelle had a bit where he talked about his theory where the KKK “disbanded” in the 60’s ~ 70’s after the government crackdown, then decided the better alternative is to infiltrate police, local and federal government positions. This Woman Knows Every Thing Shirt He aligns it with the perversion of the Republican party (and American conservatism as a whole) and honestly I wouldn’t be TOO surprised if there was some truth to this.

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