Whiskey 100 Proof Girl Shirt

 Whiskey 100 Proof Girl Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

Whiskey 100 Proof Girl Shirt! What a life story she left as her legacy. And you can read all about that in her memoir “Scattered Grass Seeds,” published in 2013 as Mary Rose Zalvis. She was almost 100 years old when it was released. In a collection of short passages compiled over two decades, Durfee recalls her reclusive life when growing up with little social interaction with her peers.

“I’ve always lived a private, sheltered life,” Durfee recalled in his book. “Why? Because we are a family of smugglers.” She was born August 17, 1916 to Lithuanian parents in Utica. Durfee is one of nine children. Whiskey 100 Proof Girl Shirt! Her family regularly moves from farm to farm around the area, making little of their living by growing hops and other crops and breeding. They later also owned hotels in Waterville, Earlville, Deansboro and Walton… hotels that became smuggling in the Prohibition period was profitable.

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