Be My Voice Mako Shirt

 Be My Voice Mako Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

Be My Voice Mako Shirt “As opposed to what, the elderly couple who took fish tank cleaner because they followed the President’s medical advice? Or do you mean somebody already knee deep in politics? Like the Governer of Georgia, who didn’t know asymptomatic COVID patients could still spread the disease? That urban guy sounds a lot more promising compared to those two.”

People who say “we are a republic,”(only supposedly) without admitting or recognizing or seemingly comprehending that we are in fact a “Representative Be My Voice Mako Shirt Democratic Republic” and NOT Solely a “Republic” you know all they’ve done is parrot talking points that have shoddily held their poorly stapled worldview together when they remain so heel dug and ignorant as to deny themselves the actual truth of what this nation’s true intentions and purposeful function is, not what the quack right wing radio host tells you.

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