Unicorn Ate My Pancreas Shirt

 Unicorn Ate My Pancreas Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The unicorn ate my pancreas shirt! Zoo is wonderful. The same goes for the people who work at them, as some even choose to isolate inside the zoo so that the animals are well cared for. People love zoos so much that when the mini league baseball canceled the season, some stadiums turned into a driving zoo and unicorn ate my pancreas shirt! 

So it’s confusing when a zoo will become less interesting like Lincolnshire did for chirping parrots and unicorn ate my pancreas shirt!  Apparently, the five offending parrots came from different owners but were separated from each other in the zoo, and cursed like sailors. The zoo attendees even cursed back at them, which only escalated the situation. But that’s what parrots do and maybe that’s why the pirates love them so much.

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