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When I pulled the first flap on the box back something moved in the box and I jumped back startled. Then a two foot baby alligator came up out of the box and scrambled across the floor! Our friends had brought us an alligator because on our yearly visits to their house I had always talked about how much my brother always wanted an alligator. 

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Problem was, my brother had died since the last time we had visited these friends, so here I am In the first part of November in Indiana with an alligator in my kitchen!! They had come up to stay with their family for the holidays and had no intention of driving the gator home even at the end of their stay.

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Thankgiving Dabbing Turkey shirt

They said we could bring him home next time we came to visit. They really thought the whole thing was hilarious. I put the gator in the bathtub and after they left went back to bed. The next morning I drove to town and found a refrigerator box.

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I brought it home and put a long plastic tote inside. I put a few short logs from the wood pile in front of the tote so the gator could climb up and in the tote, then filled the tote with water. Last I went to the barn and grabbed a heat lamp that we used for baby chickens and fashioned it on the side of the box, so it was shining down inside.

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We kept that gator in the kitchen for the next 6 months feeding him boneless skinless chicken breast’s off of the end of a wooden dowel rod. I would take him out once a week and scrub him in the bathtub with a soft bristle brush and warm water.

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The kids liked to bring their friends home to see Wally. When we went back to Florida we put Wally in a box and took him with us. We turned him loose one afternoon in Lake Monroe in Sanford close to where he had been caught. He scrambled to the edge, stopped for the tiniest second and the took the plunge. About six feet out he surfaced and I looked him in that dinosaur eye one last time before he dove under. GOD BLESS.

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Let’s also not forgot that the Duchess, was also quite a long way into a pregnancy, when Megs first we asked her way into the Royal Family. Megs of course, complained about the Duchess’s behaviour. Any sane person would have excused the Duchess for not being able to do anything physically.

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Megs is not sane, and she too stuck up in her own self importance, so it’s no surprise Megs would be saying this. Megs is an idiot, and the book is probably rubbish, if it is making a big deal out of this. The Duchess has too much class, and intelligence, to deliberately snub Megs before knowing, what a snake Megs is. In my opinion, It’s an irrelevant issue, that need not be dissected.

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I figured maybe he may have been a friend of my son’s so I wasn’t immediately alarmed, but when my son went inside for whatever reason I noticed that the kid was saying something my daughter seemed uncomfortable with cause she turned and started leaving it was then I noticed him grab his crotch while following behind my daughter.

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I immediately went outside and without question slapped the dog shit out of him and told him to jump his ass back over the fence and stay duck away from my house. Now I know what you might be thinking, oh he’s a kid you shouldn’t have hit him.

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To be clear anyone or thing that intends harm to any of my children is dealt with swiftly without prejudice and with extreme force. I believe in Teddy Roosevelt’s saying. Talk softly and carry a big stick. Needless to say I never saw that kid around my house again.

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My niece got married at a very fun, family-filled celebration at her parents place. While partying afterwards, some of us casually noticed that a cousin wasn’t there. This was odd, as he was always at family occasions, but most of us didn’t think too much about it.

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