Tis The Season To Be Creepy Shirt

 Tis The Season To Be Creepy Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

Tis The Season To Be Creepy Shirt! It’s a season for scary kids, dark corridors, evil parents and possessions – all of this you’ll find in Marvel’s spooky side project, Helstrom, premiering on Hulu on October 16. A NYCC panel with stars and presenters introduced the show’s opening ten minutes from the start, during which an exorcism didn’t go as expected.

Helstrom is darkness. Literal meaning: dark night, dark hallway, dark light. Tis The Season To Be Creepy Shirt! In the opening scene, Daimon Helstrom is called in to help a family whose son appears to have been possessed. The young nun accompanying him did not know what to say when his parents wondered about the archdiocese’s failure to send a priest. What did they send? Well, what a son of a devil. But parents don’t need to know that.

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