Rockin The Bus Driver Life Shirt

 Rockin The Bus Driver Life Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

Rockin The Bus Driver Life Shirt! In the spring of 2016, the leader of a subset of Baltimore Crips sent a text message stating that killing a member of the Black Guerrilla Family was a prerequisite for being part of his gang. , according to a federal indictment. Prosecutors charged: “To be a Tray”, he wrote, alluding to the Eight Tray Gangsters, “u gotta bash a J,” referring to the BGF members’ nicknames. “That’s how we rock now.”

He asked members on the text chain to submit photos of BGF members and photos of Albert Pittman and Shyhiem Brown, prosecutors wrote. Rockin The Bus Driver Life Shirt!  Within months, both men were shot dead in separate cases and members of the Crips shared press links about the shootings, according to a federal indictment released on Friday. Six. Private. “Just beat the monkeys,” an accomplice wrote after one of the murders, prosecutors charged.

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