Kelvin And Higgs Shirt

 Kelvin And Higgs Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

Kelvin And Higgs Shirt Perfect example of using your feet to get to a better position without overreaching and completely exposing yourself. I always find it very interesting that Adesanya had such trouble with Gastelum and yet since then he hasn’t nearly had the same problems with anyone else.Shows just how good Gastelum is. Shame he seems to be very unfocused these days.

Well since he’s been signed to the UFC he’s been notorious for handling his weight badly and has even missed weight by 10 pounds before which at this level is just absurd. Kelvin And Higgs Shirt There’s also been statements that he’s inconsistent with his training camps which honestly wouldn’t be such a big deal but the fact that Kelvin is so gifted and high level just makes it that more sad that he’s not giving it his all. Drinking, smoking weed etc.

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