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Meanwhile Donald Trump, the Horror character new york yankees halloween shirt Furthermore, I will do this current occupant of the White House and one who seems increasingly desperate to hold on to that position even as the polls indicate that it is slipping away from him, one coronavirus death at a time, seemed almost proud of his decision not to join in the Atlanta proceedings. Previously, he skipped the two days that Lewis’s body lay in state at the U. S. Capitol, the first black lawmaker ever to do so. That historic tribute drew leaders from both parties, as well as Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president. When asked by a reporter on Monday, “Do you plan on paying your respects to Congressman Lewis either today or tomorrow at the Capitol?”,’ Trump replied, “No. I won’t be going. No.” And then he turned and walked away. And on Thursday, he seemed determined to engage in a little counter-programming, beginning the day by sending out a tweet that suggested the Nov. 3 election date might have to be delayed because of the coronavirus, a statement of such lunacy that even his staunchest Republican allies had to walk it back. Then, later in the day, in what seemed like incredibly suspicious timing, he had his press office suddenly announce a last-minute addition to the president’s public schedule, right about the time that Obama was delivering his televised eulogy at the Ebenezer Baptist Church. Several members of the White House press corps immediately took to social media to express skepticism about the sudden urgency of the photo-op.

Horror character new york yankees halloween shirt

“The White House press pool was just abruptly called to gather. President Trump has nothing on his schedule for another 90 minutes,” tweeted CNN’s Kaitlan Collins. “President Trump called an unscheduled press availability which coincides with @BarackObama eulogy for Rep John Lewis,” tweeted Paula Reid of CBS. “Trump event ongoing as are Pres. Obama remarks…” It turned out that the Horror character new york yankees halloween shirt Furthermore, I will do this hastily publicized event was a small gathering with the family of Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen, who was allegedly killed by another enlisted soldier in April, her remains only recently discovered. And while reporters didn’t challenge the validity of that event, some did question its timing. “Meeting with the mother of Vanessa Guillen is admirable, and should rightfully become a White House priority… …but calling in the pool at the exact moment Obama takes the stage in Atl. suggests a pettiness that proves Trump’s obsession with one-upping his predecessor again” tweeted the White House reporter J.D. Durkin.

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