My Heart Belongs To A Sheet Metal Worker Shirt

 My Heart Belongs To A Sheet Metal Worker Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

My Heart Belongs To A Sheet Metal Worker Shirt! I am in a slum in Faridabad, India, south of New Delhi, surveying shabby toilets with a man named Mayank Midha. Behind us is a pond of standing wastewater. To our left were the narrow alleys and cramped slum living quarters, the outer walls of thin mud-brick buildings painted in cracking purple, yellow, blue and blue. Stray dogs were wandering around, and children laughed and ran down the hallway. Bad smells emanating from the open sewers gouging deep into the dusty stone sidewalks. In one doorway, a woman was bent over washing dishes on the floor.

The toilets, roughly the size of portable toilets, are made of rusted concrete, porcelain and metal. I walked down the row to try to pry open each one to look inside. My Heart Belongs To A Sheet Metal Worker Shirt! After only a year of being in use, most of these toilets were filled with feces, partially peeled, locked or some combined all three. People in the neighborhood, noticing our curiosity in their broken toilets, told us they used to defecate in a nearby trash-filled field.

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