Grinch happy Hallothanksmas shirt

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I’ve also been having brands send me sketches and ideas of red carpet moments that I can just illustrate on top and customize to come to life. One sketch I recently added to is of Janet Mock at the Grinch happy Hallothanksmas shirt Met gala in 2019. It was her first Met and [she was] wearing a custom sequin tulle dress by Alberta Ferretti. I recently shared with her one of the details I would’ve changed: extra-large feathers. It was camp themed after all; we could’ve gone more extreme! Match up your maxi with something equally dramatic. Pair one of fall’s leather trenches and overcoats with your ankle-skimming summer dress for an elongated and minimalist silhouette. Top it off with a pair of small hoops and spiffy leather ankle boots. I am watching Succession. I am also watching one that’s kind of crazy and I’m obsessed with right now called P-Valley. It’s amazing. I’ve been rotating through those on a regular basis.

Grinch happy Hallothanksmas shirt

Buy this shirt:  Grinch happy Hallothanksmas shirt

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