Flamingo Halloween and Merry Christmas Happy Hallothanksmas shirt

Next it was the Flamingo Halloween and Merry Christmas Happy Hallothanksmas shirt Audi and I arrived in good time but was kept waiting for 20 minutes before a very young salesman with slicked back hair and a shiny suit turned up. I explained I had booked to test drive the A4 turbo and was previously advised they would have the exact model ready for me to drive. He wandered off and returned to say lets go we have the car ready for you but it’s the base model and it’s a 1.6 but it’s the same shape still a nice drive. They were quite eager for the presentation to end, so I was unsure if I was successful. Immediately after I concluded, the sellers asked me to meet their daughter. We met for coffee, but no love connection.

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Then, there’s the time I held an open house and a man who went upstairs hadn’t returned after quite a while. I found him in the bedroom fondling the owner’s panties. We had a mean manager who liked to fire people just because he could. He fired a young man saying that he’d robbed the store by taking one of the register bags. The young man, a kid really as he was only 16, was questioned by the police. The robber had taken checks that were in the bag and counter-signed them. A handwriting expert was called in, and several staff members had to give handwriting samples. One day some people from the head office came in and took the manager out to lunch. He never came back. Apparently his handwriting matched the handwriting in the counter-signed checks.

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