Daniel And Johnny Shirt

 Daniel And Johnny Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

Daniel And Johnny Shirt Fuck… The Halloween Tree. I’ve been looking for the name of this movie. I saw it One Halloween on some network television channel. I loved it. So much that I waited for it the next year, but it didn’t run. Or the year after. When Internet became a thing, I didn’t remember the name of the movie but you just brought it all back. Wow.

Of course, we couldn’t call another elevator because this one is already there and the button won’t work. Several minutes later Elijah Wood finally walks up and is like “Oh, please go ahead.” The elevator holder dude says, “Oh no, I was holding this for you. They are going to take the next one.” Daniel And Johnny Shirt Elijah Wood’s response was essentially, “What the fuck, man?” The worker guy insisted and Elijah Wood was very apologetic. I said no big deal. And that is how my plans to assassinate Elijah Wood on an elevator were foiled.

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