Daniel And Johnny Shirt

 Daniel And Johnny Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

Daniel And Johnny Shirt! Now that Cobra Kai is on Netflix, you get the chance to watch both episodes at least once. However, if you’re like us, you watched it on YouTube Premium when it first launched in 2018 – and may have watched it a couple of times on its new streaming homepage to get results. good. Even if you’ve seen it many times, you might not have realized that both parts of the series are filled with references and Easter eggs not only related to the Karate Kid franchise, but rather. even the glorious 1980s they set in that scene.

We’ve listed a long list of Easter eggs in Season 1 that you should definitely check out. However, there’s still a lot to watch out for in Part 2. Daniel And Johnny Shirt! We have compiled a sizable collection of references, from direct mentions of what happened before to negative cues. music, taken out of movies from the 1980s. Cobra Kai is a love letter to Karate Kid fans and these connections will make you love it even more.

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