My Dachshund Rides Shotgun Shirt

 My Dachshund Rides Shotgun Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

My Dachshund Rides Shotgun Shirt! The air is cold but the water is colder, its surface frozen by icebergs. Rocks, blocks and ice cubes the size of ships, houses, buses – they are everywhere, crowded in ice lagoons. The icebergs are dazzling white, light gray and pale milky green, and with volcanic ash streaks; dull metallic water. Low clouds hit down. Seabirds chirping.

On the far side of the lagoon. My Dachshund Rides Shotgun Shirt! a glacier known as the Vatnajökull hunk resembles the monster it inherits: a 3,100-square-mile ice cap that stretches across southeastern Iceland, dwarfing other glaciers in Europe. To anyone not aware of not jumping in to soak, a large red sign indicates the dangers: “No Swimming – Water freezes. You Only Survive For A Few Minutes. And if that’s not enough to discourage: “Dangerous currents. Waves Ice. “

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