Christmas All Of The Otter Reindeer Shirt

 Christmas All Of The Otter Reindeer Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

Christmas All Of The Otter Reindeer Shirt Everytime I see these polls claiming any Democratic candidate could beat an incumbent Trump I think I’m taking crazy pills. I think it will be very hard to beat Trump in the best circumstances. The media continues to underestimate the size and rabid nature of Trump’s base. Here in the South it’s clear.

The fantastic thing about Bernie and even Warren is a progressive candidate will bring out way more voters. We saw it in 2018. We far out number the GOP but we need to get everyone to vote. Christmas All Of The Otter Reindeer Shirt In 2016 only 61% of the electorate actually voted. If we get that to even 65-70% it would be a landslide.

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