Arts khian lives matter shirt

bUy it: Arts khian lives matter shirt

Men's T-Shirt front

Am I tripping or have I been seeing a lot of mushrooms lately? As with many trends, I first noticed it on Bella Hadid. The Arts khian lives matter shirt model recently wore a brown vintage bag with fungi etched into it, along with baby mushroom earrings by Frasier Sterling, a mushy silver necklace by the label Electro Magnetic Studios, and nails dotted with spores by Mei Kawajiri. In July, she also wore a shirt with a cute mushroom that read “Eat Me” on the front from the label 24 Hour Laundry. Maybe her affinity for the fungi is that she loves their taste, but it could be that Hadid shares the same name as one of the world’s common mushrooms, the baby bella. Regardless, the spores have spread to Dua Lipa, who has a phone case by Wildflower. But it goes beyond the two trendsetters—I’ve seen mushrooms pop up in jewelry, in trippy T-shirts, and in articles heralding “mushroom leather” as a wave of the future.

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