2020 Is Boo Sheet Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

2020 Is Boo Sheet Shirt! If there’s something scarier than horror movies and chilly readings, it’s 2020. I mean, if someone made a haunted house based on a global pandemic, locked in House without escape, wasps murder, fires, bitter political turmoil, and everything else this year has brought us, that will be far more frightening than some clown masks and fake blood.

Short story: This year has been tough and heavy for many reasons, and sometimes the best we can do is just to laugh. 2020 Is Boo Sheet Shirt! That’s why this spooky Halloween 2020 has some amazing Boo Sheet Funny Quarantine Shirt ($ 17, originally $ 24)! The T-shirt features a masked (safe first) white ghost, a bat, spider web, stars, diamonds and the text “2020 Has Been Boo Sheet!” I really laughed when I saw this. From clever puns (it’s “bullsh * t” but more spooky), adorable ghosts and utter relevance – ever a more accurate graphic tee? – it was fun for a year full of madness.

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