Unicorn Ate My Pancreas Shirt

 Unicorn Ate My Pancreas Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

Unicorn Ate My Pancreas Shirt! Game of Thrones has been airing for over a year. Since its flawed last season, HBO has scrapped a bunch of potential prequels and is making steady progress for another series. Meanwhile, a pandemic strikes, forcing everyone to stay indoors, including Song of Ice and Fire story author George R.R. Martin.

You think being quarantined would force the man to finally finish his long delayed sixth book, The Winds of Winter. But you are wrong. Unicorn Ate My Pancreas Shirt! Even the threat of imprisonment – a threat he poses himself – is not motivated enough! Last March, Martin wrote on his blog that if The Winds of Winter doesn’t come out before July 29, 2019 – TODAY – fans have the right to imprison him. Welcome, I hope you have the handcuffs ready because my man has not set a deadline for himself.

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