Reel Girls Like Big Rods Shirt

 Reel Girls Like Big Rods Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

Reel Girls Like Big Rods Shirt! It was early afternoon on another weekend at Walter C. Best Wildlife Sanctuary in Munson Town. Fishing rigs surround the lilies and the bright skies are busy. It was a two-mile ride for the Keysers. Chris Keyser brought his daughters, Leah, 10 years old, Kenzie, 7 years old and Ellie, 4. On this trip, they didn’t have a mother, Jamie and the youngest brother Christopher. Leah, who had been acquainted with fishing at the age of 3, said it was basically her favorite game, besides cheerleading.

“Her grandfather (Jamie’s father) encouraged us all to fish and learn together as a family,” said Chris, a former Medina. Reel Girls Like Big Rods Shirt! High School tri-sports athlete who planted roots in Munson Township. Chris and Jamie met as freshman at Kent State University. Chris soon joined the Marines and went on three missions to Iraq and Africa. When he doesn’t carry gear boxes and fishing rods, his girls dream of becoming engineers, teachers and singers. Now, however, they are pleased to spend quality time along the coast with their dad or casting chains from grandfather’s boat at Pymatuning Reservoir.

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