Proud Mom Of An Awesome Son Shirt

 Proud Mom Of An Awesome Son Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

Proud Mom Of An Awesome Son Shirt! Amy Schumer’s son, Gene, grew up so fast! The 16-month-old boy recently surprised his proud mother when they recorded a message for her husband (and Gene’s father), Chris Fischer. “We just wanted to say hello, we miss you and hope you have a good day,” Amy said in front of the camera before prompting Gene to say, “Dad.”

To her sudden delight, Gene followed Amy’s lead and said the word for the first time. The excitement after that was really shocking. Proud Mom Of An Awesome Son Shirt! Gene burst into tears in the middle of the celebration. “This video was clearly a surprise for us,” Amy wrote while sharing the clip on Instagram. “Having experienced these first moments with my son makes me feel very lucky.”

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