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Most of the time both. He is universally hated.And I actually travel outside my country and he is most certainly not loved around the world…I just left a NATO mission and at least most of the folks there where 30 countries are represented he is a total joke. loved outside by other right-wing nut jobs. She’s the politician who was trying to ban Islam from FinlandKatharina Radziwill thank goodness you’re not an American!

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We have enough unhinged lunatics here already! We don’t need more! Trump isn’t killing their people, he is killing ours, and our economy which was garbage before the virus. most people that loved him are from countries that practice dictatorship just check them profiles the common people here in Europe don’t agree with this decision. Trump is very disliked here. I believe 1/10 say they like him, maybe even less actually what do you care? And how dare you blame just left-wing.

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