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Even this cursory glance at Kent’s work reveals why Ramsay-Levi and Rogers would be so drawn to it. Her messages about hope, community, and human rights are newly relevant today, and we can only imagine what kind of work she would create in 2020, faced with a pandemic, a climate crisis, social uprising, and a contentious election. For those of us feeling particularly anxious about it all, her 1977 piece “Out of the Q Notorious RBG shirt also I will do this Darkness” might strike a chord: Against bright slashes of cobalt and violet, Kent’s scribbled handwriting reads: “out of the darkness/of one moment/grows the light/of another moment/perhaps in some distant time/if not in the next moment/love the darkness.” housands of miles from Paris in his Soho studio, Christopher John Rogers was also studying Kent’s work. He was more drawn to her art of the 1970s, when her colors and shapes took on a softer, more abstract feel. In a release, Rogers called it “a reactionary swirl of profound, colorful, and childlike graphics informed by the socio-political movements of her time,” which he translated into vivid color-blocked knits and trippy pattern-clash gowns. He also noted that Kent’s modest way of dressing loosely informed his covered-up, voluminous silhouettes.

Q Notorious RBG shirt

Finding the Q Notorious RBG shirt also I will do this perfect pair of vintage Levi’s used to require hours at a thrift store, endless eBay searches, and often a few visits to the tailor. For some of us, it was among the most noble of fashion pursuits; for others, it was just too much work. Today, Levi’s is making it a little easier with the launch of Levi’s Secondhand, a recommerce site for previously worn Levi’s jeans and denim jackets. Some of it will be handpicked vintage, but most of the garments will be sourced directly from Levi’s customers: Starting now, anyone can turn in any Levi’s denim item—even if it’s damaged—for a gift card towards a future purchase. It marks a significant turning point, both for Levi’s and the fashion industry as a whole. Levi’s is the first denim brand of its size to create a buyback program like this and effectively take responsibility for the full “life cycle” of its garments. It’s an example of true circularity: You could buy a brand-new pair of Levi’s tomorrow, and you’d know exactly what the “end use” might be, should you tire of them in a few years. For conscious shoppers, that’s often the difference between buying something or… not. How long will I wear this? Is it built to last? What will happen to it when I don’t want it anymore?

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