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When people describe my eyes as sparkling- I can’t see them. I think (I don’t know for sure) that my happiness, optimism and energy typically surge all at once from within. I may be reacting to other people, a creative idea or specific hopes for the future. My sparkle is never a negative emotion and it’s not flat or passive either. It’s energizing for me and others too. No ‘friends’ to share anything. None to call if i have to share something good/bad. I had a few earlier but i was very self centered and lost all of them. I had classmates, colleagues but no friends. I feel so lonely at times. On top of it parents worried about searching for a prospective groom for their not so beautiful daughter. The only people i call were my parents(3–5 times a day) and every time i call we have the same topic. I’d lose my eyes in a heartbeat if I had to do so in order to keep my genitals and if I could avoid massive infection in my eye sockets. When I read this question I knew the answer instantly. As to finding someone to fuck me if I had empty eye sockets, I’m sure that wouldn’t be an issue. I’d put a couple eye patches on and voila. Lots of men in the world could deal with that, and since I’d be blind it’s not like I’d need a good looking one.

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Disney Christmas Snowflake Santa hat Reindeer Minnie head shirt

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Actually, while the other answers about chemical sensitivity aren’t wrong, there a more important issue: are you blocking your meibomian glands? These glands are inside your eyelids and they discharge oil onto the “ledge” of your eyelid. For starters I see mainly disadvantages in meditating with eyes open. Closing eyes means that the visual senses are not triggered with every movement. Even when sitting in a relatively calm environment the mind can easily get caught up in the play of the moving eyes or shifting awareness. I recall once that I noticed a blinking ‘thingy’ in meditation that I could not see when I shifted attention into that direction. Appeared to be my internet modem which in peripheral sight was visible and with direct focus not as apparent. Or when it’s a bit dark with a small light source the water in your eyes will start to show all kinds of moving patterns, your private light show. When you start to experience the calm meditation can give and get a good idea how to get your mind into this calm state it does not really matter if your eyes are opened or closed. At this point the eye can catch something and contemplation can suddenly start based on this sight.

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