West Virginia I Still Call It Home Shirt

 West Virginia I Still Call It Home Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The West Virginia I Still Call It Home Shirt! What’s weird is that Hook got awful reviews at the time. It’s got like 29% on Rotten Tomatoes. And it’s one of the rare occasions where I don’t more-or-less agree with the critical consensus. I’ve watched it a handful of times as an adult, knowing that it is considered a “bad” movie, and I just don’t see it and West Virginia I Still Call It Home Shirt!

Sure, it’s sentimental, and the “corporate dad who rediscovers childhood” trope was already pretty worn-out even then… but it’s a kids’ movie. It’s not supposed to break new ground in cinematography or plumb the far corners of the human condition and West Virginia I Still Call It Home Shirt! It’s a sweet story about the tradeoffs associated with growing up, and I have always thought it was a clever riff on a classic story. Never understood critics who thought it should have been a straight Peter Pan story, because the regular Peter Pan story has great characters and setting but doesn’t have much of a plot or a strong emotional core, if I recall correctly. So why not take those characters and that setting, and tell a new story? And it’s a perfect match to the talents of Robin Williams, who could do both serious and goofy roles so well.

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