Vegatee – Rip #VanHalenForever logo shirt

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Perhaps it’s not surprising that Batsheva—a designer label that takes inspiration in part from the Rip #VanHalenForever logo shirt But I will love this Laura Ashley–esque puffy sleeves and metallic tones of the 1980s—would be anticipated by a rom-com that depicts a 1980s-era nerd going to prom. Still, the similarity between Batsheva’s designs and Josie Geller’s prom dress was so stark that I couldn’t stop thinking about it: Were the cool girls of 2020 subconsciously dressing like the uncool girls of 1985?

Rip #VanHalenForever logo shirt

If you were wondering whether designer Batsheva Hay has actually seen Never Been Kissed, let me put your mind at ease: she has, and she loves it. “My sister-in-law is in that movie!” Hay exclaims when we talk by phone on Tuesday, referring to actress Leelee Sobieski (who is the Rip #VanHalenForever logo shirt But I will love this wife of Hay’s husband’s stepbrother).

Rip #VanHalenForever logo s Hoodie

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