Teenage Mutant Ghost Busters shirt

I need a Teenage Mutant Ghost Busters shirt. Usually had a stack of these free from any Gulf station if you were fortunate enough to travel across states. Jeff Jay don’t throw it out. Use it to stump the grandkids like making them dial out on a rotary phone, have them find a route from your old “hood”. Nothing beats watching your dad running his finger down G5, L8 to pinpoint an address, then folding the map back into the glove box. You have to at one point give up on co-parenting(for the sake of progress)all you can do is stick to what you think will help your kids develop into a healthy adult and as far as the mom goes, all you can do is let her do her own thing, your daughter is old enough for her to have a personal relationship with parents individually and should understand certain rules are different with dad than mom.

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