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Makeup: “Tracee came to set each day carrying this little cosmetic case I can remember it clear as day! Inside this little bag were a bunch of generic bottles filled with unmarked potions that her mother gave her. So while she was in my chair, I would be doing her makeup and she sat with the Who needs first rounders shirt bag on her lap, pulling out different bottles, spritzing and spraying throughout the whole process. Tracee bringing a little Diana Ross with her every day is what really brought Joan’s radiance and glow to life. Joan was this smart, beautiful business woman with a heart of gold, but always struggling in the love department. Her look was meant to be natural but distinct. I call the complexion piece of doing makeup, ‘building the face,’ and building the face with Tracee was a lot of tag teaming between me, her, and her little bag of Diana Ross beauty secrets. This is where Joan’s iconic radiance came from and then the rest of my job was in the details—the lips, the lashes, etc.”

Who needs first rounders shirt

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