Existence Is Pain Shirt

 Existence Is Pain Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The existence is pain shirt! However, this quirky and complicated artist’s imitation and controversial overthrow Catholicism is only part of Warhol’s fascinating relationship with his religion. This rich and wonderful exhibition offers a glimpse of a more nuanced, subtle and profound faith that, in my opinion, seems to have had a profound and shaping effect on his art and  existence is pain shirt!

The artist was born in 1928 in the industrial town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the third son of Andrej and Julia Warhola and  existence is pain shirt! His parents were Carpatho-Rusyn and immigrated to the United States from a mountainous village in present-day Slovakia. Warhol grew up a Ruthenian Catholic, part of the Eastern Rite Catholic Byzantine Church. The family’s parish of St John Chrysostom in Pittsburgh has a cathedral, a temple of saints, and praying prayers, accompanied by a rich aroma: an intensity of liturgical participation – and a feast for senses. All experiences form deeply.

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