Existence Is Pain Shirt

 Existence Is Pain Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The Existence Is Pain Shirt! In total it took right under 3 years to be completely “recovered” I can walk but I can’t run anymore and I lost alot of range of motion in my right leg. Everything but my leg healed in around 9 months. I went from a wheelchair to a walker to crutches until finally I learned how to walk again. Around the 7 month mark I had a follow up with my surgeon and he found out the leg had zero bone growth and was still completely broken only being held together with a metal rod after I had been walking on that broken leg for a few months already.

Went in for another surgery were they put a bigger IM nail and removed a few screws from my pelvis. 8 months later I had another follow up and I got the same news again, zero bone growth and my femur was still broken. Existence Is Pain Shirt! I then went in for my last surgery where they took the second rod out and cut my leg open from the hip to the knee to put a plate and bone graft in. That’s when we found out why it wasn’t healing, the break was surrounded by dead muscle tissue that had to be removed, I still have an indent on my leg from all the muscle they took out. It took alot of physcial therapy to get to where I am today. Im lucky to be alive and still be walking so I can’t complain.

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