Cool Collection of 05 most popular T-shirts 8 October , 2020 for you and your family

I don’t think that people like Biden but the disapproval rating of trump right now is very high. I know so many Republicans voting for Biden. I can’t believe how many people are still dumb enough to believe the fake news! Well, we will see, but I’ve never seen any politician overcome poll numbers this one-sided would expect as much from Michigan look who they elected to run their state! hey now. I am in Michigan and trust me I didn’t vote for witless!

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Trump2020 it just goes right on down the line, too. Our governor, AG, SOS, both senators, and of course the ridiculous Tlaib. The morons have taken over this state. Trump 2020 These are the decent Americans, that know and will admit that, Trump has been proven a liar and a racist, and that he’s unfit to be President of a diverse country, like the United States.

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