Bring Me An Iced Coffee Shirt

Bring Me An Iced Coffee Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The Bring Me An Iced Coffee Shirt! Prisoners usually owe a lot of money in fines. Often, they have no actual money. However, if they manage to get a smartphone smuggled in (or their prison permits it) they can play OSRS literally all day, every day, and make a metric ton of gold, which can be traded for commissary items from other prisoners and Bring Me An Iced Coffee Shirt!

When you get out of prison, you could have billions of GP in your bank if you’re a savvy player, and you can sell that gold online for thousands of dollars, or you can give your gold to your homeboy to sell and he can top up your commissary account while you’re inside and Bring Me An Iced Coffee Shirt!  Commissary isn’t tapped to pay fines afaik. OSRS has a very large, very valuable black market for gold Another reason is simply that prisoners have a lot of free time. You play for thousands of hours a year while in prison, and you can play on your phone in your cell.

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