My Blood Type Is Ink Shirt

 My Blood Type Is Ink Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The My Blood Type Is Ink Shirt! I’m a big MMA fan. I never really had much of an opinion about Steven Seagal until a few years ago when he started hanging around backstage at UFC events, trying to make friends with all the fighters. Eventually he somehow became a part of the middleweight champion Anderson Silva’s entourage, and was seen with him and his teammate Lyoto Machida all the time. Whenever Silva or Machida would finish their opponents, Seagal would be very vocal about how he taught them that set up or that technique, etc. But the moves Silva was using were generally just traditional MMA/Muay Thai techniques that he had been doing for years, and it seemed unlikely that Seagal, who was an aikido practitioner—which isn’t really a striking art—and new to the MMA world, was teaching him this stuff and My Blood Type Is Ink Shirt!

Then a video came out which showed Silva and his team making fun of Seagal when he wasn’t around. From what I gather, Silva, who has always been a jokester, most likely brought Seagal in to humor him and to make people scratch their heads about how involved he actually was. Not too long after that, Seagal and Silva seemed to have parted ways, and he was seen trying to attach himself to other fighters at UFC events and My Blood Type Is Ink Shirt! One time he was seen talking to former HW champ DanIel Cormier, offering to show him some secret move before his fight. Cormier, obviously just humoring him, asked to see what it was. Seagal turned to the camera and said it had to be turned off before he would proceed, because it was “secret.” The whole thing was really bizarre. My guess is that Seagal, who was no longer a huge action star, was doing anything he could to get his name/face in the public eye. It all seemed very desperate and gross.

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