Wine A Little Laugh A Lot Shirt

 Wine A Little Laugh A Lot Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The Wine A Little Laugh A Lot Shirt! I called someone I barely knew a couple of days before I planned it to basically unload what I couldn’t say to those closest to me. It sound backwards I know but I wasn’t really thinking straight back than. I don’t think they understood the reason to the call becusse we shifted to talking about roommates and I had a good laugh for the first time in a while and Wine A Little Laugh A Lot Shirt!

I decided after we hung up that if a stranger could make me smile that I wanted to try to meet those who could make me happier and hopefully be that person for someone else. A year later and I can happily say I’m better and enjoying life, I found that the only real person though that can make me happy was myself. I just needed to give him a chance and Wine A Little Laugh A Lot Shirt! That person that I originally called, I am still in contact with them but haven’t told them how much they helped me that day yet mostly out of being nervous lol. I hope to repay them though with never leaving their side because they came to mine without even realizing it and I am forever grateful. My advice to anyone making this far I’m my response lol is it doesn’t cost you anything to listen and be nice, someday you may help someone more than you will ever realize!

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