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By Realisation I mean realising simple facts and philosophies of life and repeating them as affirmations if needed to instil them in your mind. Anger does not only emerge from lack of patience. May be you have hidden anxiety and depression, lack of focus in your life, lack of purpose, lack of resources, too many responsibilities but you are managing somehow… You are the best judge of your situation. Isadore can then explain why he does that, or agree to stop doing it, or tell you he really doesn’t care if it makes you angry. What he can’t say (but probably will) is “You shouldn’t get angry.” But that’s the point! You need his help to avoid getting angry, and hopefully he cares enough to make the effort. As a programmer who has struggled with this issue, I can testify how easy it is to get frustrated when a program churns out an unexpected, unwanted result…and then I have to analyze what went wrong, what character I forgot to type before I find out what my mistake was. One thing I do to increase my patience is by using appropriate self-dialogue. I tell myself at all times that I am becoming a better programmer. I am becoming more aware. I am becoming more careful. I am thinking about each line and each command before I write it. I am building my own personal library and getting more efficient and effective with every program I write. Above all else, I respect my own learning curve.

Santa Claus DJ Merry Mixmas ugly Christmas shirt

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The value of patience is portrayed everywhere. Without it you will wither and die before you have even started. So I practice this art, and to me it is an art, every day. It is a learned behaviour. Around the next corner could be everything you have been working so hard to achieve. And if it isn’t, maybe it will be the one after that. Or the one after that. And if it’s not, it will be around some corner, some day. This is how I think about my life. I want it to mean something and I want to leave some sort of legacy. Maybe the world will be better off because I was born and decided to try and contribute to history. Maybe this legacy won’t stretch beyond my family – but that’s definitely a good enough reason to never stop doing. When I’m patient… I don’t care about the path. I have faith that everything will work itself out. The work I put in and the actions I take will determine where I end up. And I know I’m doing those things right. Plus, every stepping stone carries a valuable lesson whether it’s a step forward or a step back, there is always a takeaway. I can forgive myself a day off, a negative thought, a bad decision. Anything actually. Because whatever I do, I know why I’m doing it. I know that there is no rush and I have faith that everything will fall into place.

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