Rapper all Friends Legendary shirt

This is why, when I tried Tower28’s new lip gloss, Lip Jelly, I fell in love—it’s the Rapper all Friends Legendary shirt only one I reach for. Tower28 is a makeup brand designed for those with eczema and sensitive skin, so all of the ingredients are hypoallergenic and safe for people like me. The gloss is equipped with nourishing ingredients like apricot kernel oil (filled with fatty acids) and raspberry seed oil (a natural antioxidant, protecting your pout from outside stressors), allowing me to skip the balm step after exfoliating my lips. It comes in different shades like Oat, for the days I want something softer and light; Coconut, for when I want a pop of pink; and Almond, for a sultrier, brown-hued ’90s look, which looks great with a lip liner as well. They’re perfect to wear alone or as lipstick toppers, which furthers their multi-use nature. And I can’t fail to mention the price, which comes in at a manageable $14 (seriously feels like a steal when most luxurious lip.

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Rapper all Friends Legendary shirt

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Dachshund I believe in Santa paws Christmas shirt

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