Not Sisters By Blood But Sisters By Heart Shirt

 Not Sisters By Blood But Sisters By Heart Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The Not Sisters By Blood But Sisters By Heart Shirt! My own cancer analogy is a chase scene in an action movie. Hero ducks into the hotel kitchen, armed bad guys in hot pursuit. He flees past steaming pots and kettles, overturning food carts, strewing pans and silverware behind him, flour flying, rolling fruit and cans cover the floor. Bad guys slip and stumble, crashing into steel shelves, ducking hurled knives as your doctor throws new meds at your cancer. I’m on immunotherapy, but have had to supplement with one surgery and caustic chemo a couple times. Anti-barf pills work! Four years on I’m still ahead in this chase and hugely enjoying life.

The metaphor for my cancer cells had to change too. They are not foreign invaders.Not Sisters By Blood But Sisters By Heart Shirt!  They are my own fucking little overachievers, the pro athlete wannabes of my body. Spike their Gatorade! Sugar-tank their team bus! Put itchy powder in their socksThe best-winning strategy of all: I applied for and got euthanasia meds. Buncha morphine basically. This is mercifully legal in just nine U.S. states and D.C. You would not believe how motivating and encouraging it is to focus on living when you KNOW leaving peacefully any time is under your control. It is a huge, serene difference.

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