Make Up Be Chingona Repeat Shirt

 Make Up Be Chingona Repeat Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The Make Up Be Chingona Repeat Shirt! I’m in Western NC and Trump was here this past Monday to tour a produce distribution center (they actually do really good work, I just don’t agree with their politics). Anywho, the highway leading from the airport to the facility was lined with Trump fans all decked out in their best bootleg MAGA gear.

There were even a few vendors in those portable sales stands like you see selling swag at a concert. I’m guessing they follow Trump around and sell their Trump as Rambo flags and other assorted MAGAphernalia. But when I talk to people, they’re not loud and obnoxious about their disdain, but they’re really sick of Trump’s shit. I honestly think/hope that they are the vocal minority and we that are sick of his crap are the majority. Make Up Be Chingona Repeat Shirt! The uptick in his polling numbers has tied my stomach in knots the past few days, but I know a good many registered Republicans that can’t stand him anymore, and are voting for Biden. I have to believe that there are more independents and Republicans out there that honestly will cast their 2020 vote as a do over.

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