I Am At Home Among The Trees Shirt

 I Am At Home Among The Trees Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The I Am At Home Among The Trees Shirt! Aw hell no. Ima lay some heavy lore shit down. The eagles are most likely a descendent of the lesser angel class known as the Maier to which both Gandalf and Sauton belong. But they are also under to leadership of Manwe, a greater angel class called the Ainur, who have sworn to leave middle earth alone since humans had betrayed them by trying to invade elf heaven known as Valinor and I Am At Home Among The Trees Shirt!

Even if the eagles said yes, Mordor is loaded with orcs, easterlings, rhunish warriors, and evil men from Harad and Umbar. The nazgul also have flying fell beasts and their numbers hadnt dwindled from war yet. Sauron could very well eye suffocate them and at the same time make the volcano erupt, in fact he conjures storms alone in order to advance his armies and I Am At Home Among The Trees Shirt! Even then, even friggin then, we’ve been shown even proximity to the ring can make you evil like smeagol and Boromir and eventually Frodo. Gandalf refuses it, as does Galadriel. The eagles are sentient beings they could be corrupted and just drop frodo on the ground and claim the ring themself. Dont come at me with that eagle bullshit.

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