Gnomie Lefse Tester Reporting For Duty Shirt

 Gnomie Lefse Tester Reporting For Duty Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The Gnomie Lefse Tester Reporting For Duty Shirt! In most places, they already have to report anything outside the confessional but the confessional is treated as confidential like someone talking to a lawyerIn general, society has places where confidentiality except really exceptional stuff (like pedophilia) is protected by confidentiality such as your minister, your psychologist, etc. Then there are a few places absolute confidentiality is allowed such as your lawyer or the confessional.

I really wonder how they would ever convict a priest on this as you’re right none will say anything. (1) Most won’t even acknowledge a person confessed their sins to them & few pretty good at not even hinting at sins confessed to them, so even if it goes to court it’s hard to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the word of a known pedo vs a priest.Gnomie Lefse Tester Reporting For Duty Shirt!  (2) I’m guessing a pedo would use the screen fire anonymity. (3) Theoretically, a pedo could record a confession, but if he records it, that’s pretty damming evidence against him if the cops ever get a hold of it so I doubt it would happen.

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